Elite Green Compliance International® (EGCI) offers independent services worldwide, to all public or private industries. These services include consulting, training, verification, audit, and certification. Our highly experienced and qualified experts will help your organization to improve processes and systems through a dynamic program that will identify and optimizes outcomes, reduces risks at all levels, increases efficiencies, the reliability on the supply chain efficiency, and fosters continuous innovation.

By following the guidelines set by Certified Green Partners®, we can help your organization not only to follow government regulations and environmental standards but also becoming a certified eco-friendly business.

At EGCI, we go beyond simple implementation of an environmental management program. We include a certification program based on sustainable development and cost-effectiveness. It provides direction for the implementation and structure of a workable program.



Our company

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Florida, Elite Green Compliance International began offering green practices to organizations associated with the printing trade



As the scope of our services grew in size, we extended our reach to all industries to guarantee that participating organizations complied with the global guidelines through an integrated environmental certification program.


Our program

The implementation of this program solidified our dedication to achieving our, and our clients’, objectives by providing intercontinental ecological solutions that facilitate optimization.


We offer through Certified Green Partners®, three certification levels – Basic Green, Green, and Green +. Regardless of the desired certification level chosen by a participating entity, we will assess current sustainable practices and create a customized plan that will help any organization reach the requirements.

All documented sustainable efforts are taken into consideration and converted into points using a scale that consists of 8 tiers. Each of these tiers represents a fixed number of points.

The certification level of the company is based on the number of sustainability points accumulated, among other guidelines that must be met. CGP will issue certificates and the right to use the CGP Seal of Compliance once the implementation process has been completed by one of our team members.


Leadership skills bring about a unity of purpose and direction on the part of an organization’s team and its employees.

Involvement of Team Members

Employees at all levels, from the head of the company down to the custodian, play a part in how well the organization runs and how successful it is.

Process Approach

A process is a set of activities that follow each other in logical order, leading to a specific end to reach optimum results.

System Approach to Management

Better results are achieved when individuals at the management level direct the organization’s business as interrelated processes.

Continual Improvement

No matter an organization’s size, area of focus, location, or status as a for-profit or non-profit, it should always strive for steady improvement if it wants to see continued success.

Objective Approach to Decision-Making

Decisions within an organization should be made based on facts in order to make the most effective and sound decisions.



We verify and accredit the quality of any kinds of consumer products or services to help our customers and their supply chain to meet environmental regulations.

Green Building

We assist in the construction process throughout all stages of development. The standards we enact ensure the entire work structure runs as efficiently as possible by monitoring the safety of any construction sites and the reliability of the materials used.

Agriculture & Food

We ensure the integrity of the food chain by offering management advice on soil and water analysis, process development, planting of crops, harvesting, and transportation of products through the supply chain.


This includes but is not limited to textiles, agriculture, interior design, construction elements, chemicals, furniture manufacturing, technology, science, and healthcare-related services.


Our goal is to improve integrity, quality, and efficiency in order to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, while also minimizing the environmental impact of industrial activities when handling toxic chemicals.

Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety practices require the collaboration of both employers and workers. Our extensive set of guidelines focuses on the issues relating to occupational medicine, chemical hygiene, toxicology, education, engineering safety, ergonomics, psychology, etc.

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Reduce your carbon footprint will decrease operating costs and increase profitability.

Occupational Safety and Health standards in your organization will improve processes flow, quality, well-being and efficiency.

Implementing an integrated management system will educate and motivate your employees to get involved and have a detailed understanding of the way their actions impact the business operation and the atmosphere. It also provides employers the opportunity to better understand their business needs.

Be able to create a green building or community using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.

Emerge as a ‘supplier of choice’, exclusively to clients who consider ecological strategies and operations of suppliers and products as part of their green procurement policies.

Strengthen your corporate image and access new markets. Get a competitive advantage by using the CGP Seal of Compliance.