Founded in 2006, Elite Green Compliance (EGC) began offering consulting, auditing, and certification to companies regarding their “green” practices within their organizations.

As the scope of our services grew in size, we extended our reach to all industries (with a focus on, but not limited to, development and construction) to guarantee that participating organizations complied with global standards by creating a platform implementing an integrated environmental management program that would support commerce following the standards and guidelines developed by Certified Green Partners®.

Due to this global expansion and the unprecedented opportunities, Elite Green Compliance adopted the name of Elite Green Compliance International, known as EGC International, in January of 2011. Since then, we are dedicated to achieving our, and our client’s, objectives by providing intercontinental information that will facilitate optimization.

As part of this effort, we participated in several seminars with organizations as varied globally as: Cityscape, Konica Minolta, Pace High School, Maria Mazzarello Education Center, Miami-Dade College - Wolfson Campus, Cámara de Comercio Americano-Ecuatoriana, Future Cities, SIMA, World Cities Summit, and Ecocity World Summit.

Some of our more recent involvement in implementing the program and certifying companies includes: Green Supplies Depot, Pandora Impresores, Alas Doradas, Hospital Leon Becerra de Guayaquil , 4Press, Diprenta, City of Doral, City of Hialeah, City of Miami, City of Sweetweter, Photo Offset, Wilma Schuman, Pan American Graphic, Minuteman Press, A+ Printing, Daniel’s Die Cutting, Mary’s Clean Carpet , Konica Minolta, OCE Printing, Lifestyle Luxury Cars, PADF, Expo Green, Puig & Associates, Global Development, TINSA US, C3TS Engineers & Architects, All American Paper, The Tire Factory, Developers & Builders Alliance, and Hostal Olon. IMPUBLIT, KORDET, Gráficas San Marcos, Impresos Annabel, Impresos Zeagraf, Imprenta Viva, Imprenta Solange, Ecoview Ama la Vida, Estudio Contable LNZ, Osi Development Group, Hotel Playa Blanca, Capital & Land, Evergreen, AC Graphics, Visual Media Productions Group, República Agency. Citystars Propertis, ADG Group, Crystal Lagoons, Hydra Properties, Nakheel Properties, Masdar Institute.