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We verify and accredit the quality of any kind of consumer products or services to help our customers meet environmental regulations and implement a sustainable chain-of-custody from a variety of industries including but not limited to textiles, agriculture, interior design, construction elements, chemicals, furniture manufacturing, technology, science, and health care-related services.


We assist in the construction process throughout all stages of development. The standards we enact make sure the entire work structure runs as efficiently as possible by monitoring the safety of any construction sites and the reliability of the materials used.  We also verify that the interior and exterior designs meet environmental requirements in new and existing construction.


Our goal is to improve integrity, quality, and efficiency in order to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, while also minimizing the environmental impact of industrial activities when handling toxic chemicals.


We ensure the integrity of the food chain by offering management advice on soil and water analysis, process development, planting of crops, harvesting, and transportation of products through the supply chain.


Quality healthcare, safe medical equipment and practices are a priority to everyone. By implementing standards that focuses on a wide range of different sectors, such as dentistry, medical devices, information regarding health, hospitals, and traditional medicine, we can help meet the demand of improved healthcare.