Systematic and transparent direction is required in order to ensure a successful operation. The organization needs an Integrated Environmental Management Program designed to continually create improvements while satisfying the needs of all concerned.

Six principles provide the foundation of our integrated program. Together, they can enable your operation to improve its performance while complying with global environmental demands:

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Leadership skills bring about a unity of purpose and direction on the part of an organization’s team and its employees. Strong leadership fosters an environment, within the organization, that motivates employees to give their best effort for the greater good.

Involvement of Team Members

It is not only the top management that determines how well an organization performs, nor is it only those team members who interact directly with customers/clients. Employees at all levels, from the head of the company down to the custodian, play a part in how well the organization runs and how successful it is.

Process Approach

A process is a set of activities that follow each other in logical order, leading to a specific end to reach optimum results.

System Approach to Management

Better results are achieved when individuals, at the management level, direct the organization’s business as interrelated processes.

Continual Improvement

No matter how large or small an organization is, or what its area of focus is, or where on the globe it is located, or whether it is “for-profit” or “not-for-profit”, it should always strive for steady improvement if it wants to see continued success.

Objective Approach to Decision-Making

Decisions should be made based on facts in order to make the most effective and sound decisions.

The program can be used by internal and external parts of the organization, including certification bodies, to assess the ability of the organization to comply with customer requirements and statutes.